Sofa Slipcover: A Quick Tutorial

If you’ve got an ugly old sofa you’re dying to get rid of, don’t be too quick. A sofa slipcover can make your couch look brand new for a fraction of the cost of going out and shopping for a new one. Slipcovers themselves can be pricey, so making your own with the exact fabric you want can cut down majorly on expense.

Sounds complicated? It’s not. You don’t have to be a sewing machine expert to master the sofa slipcover. All you’ll need is fabric, pins and a sewing machine.

There are plenty of sofa slipcover tutorials that require patterns, but this beginners’ version is a quicker, less complicated guide for an easier job:

1.) First, drape your fabric in sections and pin it over the couch. You will want to pin and mold it to each area. Look for the original seams on the couch, and that will guide you as to where to put your own seams.

2.) Start with an arm, pinning each section of fabric together.

3.) Sew one section of the slipcover first, then fit it onto the couch and make sure it looks the way you want it to.

4.) Repeat that process across the couch, pinning and sewing each section and making sure it fits. Trim the excess fabric.

5.) For larger areas of the couch, don’t be afraid to break it up into a few pieces. You can use three smaller fabric panels, for example, rather than trying to get the whole back of the couch in one. If you’re comfortable and have enough fabric, you can also use one large panel.

6.) Once you’re done, put the entire slip cover over the couch. Check for any areas you might have to fix up. Have a seam ripper and needle and thread handy for this step.

After you have the slipcover sewn to your liking, you’ll have a custom look to your couch that can be easily be removed, washed, and changed out if you choose to use a new fabric down the line. If you haven’t had much sewing experience and you’re nervous about making the slipcover, go with a cheaper or more durable fabric to start with. Opt for a fabric you feel comfortable working. You can always check our sale section for amazing deals on fabulous fabrics, and create the couch of your dreams at a fantastic price.

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