How To Reupholster A Sofa: 5 Things You Need To Know

Earlier this week, I’ve talked about why you should choose furniture reupholstery instead of buying something new (hint: sentimental value). There are many advantages of reupholstering, including making use of what you already have. This becomes your contribution to the environment, and goes a long way. Imagine what would happen to the Earth if everyone throws away their furniture and dumps them on landfills!

In return, you get to have the perks of choosing how your bespoke furniture will look. Pick different materials, patterns and styles for a nice facelift! If you’ve found an old sofa, chair or sofa you want to overhaul, you made the right choice. But before you get started, please take a look at these tips we’ve listed down on how to reupholster a sofa:

  1. Know what to mend. There’s an obvious hole on your antique sofa and it looks embarrassing. Reupholstering is a great idea, but hold on; before you tackle on your furniture facelift, we recommend for you to take a study of what the damages are. Perhaps it’s the dirty fabric you want to strip, or just some small crack you want to hide away. Decide the degree of your reupholstery project by the mishaps found on the sofa. Understanding what to fix helps saving you a lot of money in this challenge.
  2. Peek through the parts. You’d want to know whether the sofa’s skeleton is worthy of reupholstery. If the bottom frame looks decayed and unstable, maybe it’s better for you to purchase something new. The sofa’s construction must be durably made with hand-tied springs, and the corner braces must be intact for steady support.
  3. What is your reason for reupholstery? Does your sofa have sentimental value? Do you plan on choosing cheaper alternatives in buying furniture? Reupholstering costs vary from project to project. If you’re not ready to invest for this item, perhaps it is better if you purchase a new one.
  4. Fabric is a big factor. Most of the times, it takes a big percentage of the cost. Upholstery fabric may cost $20 to $80 per yard, depending on the material and quality. If you will be using 7 yards on your sofa, it may cost you $140 to $560 to pay for the fabric alone. You have the freedom to choose which fabric will be used for your sofa, and you can go lavish or cost-effective whenever you wish.
  5. Reupholstery is a labor of love. Most of the time, artisans spend a lot of their time, skill and effort in putting together a furniture piece which you will love. Accents on your sofa can increase costs, such as outlining seams, fixing zippers, aligning patterns, tufting and other accessories.


Knowing these things can help you understand how to reupholster a sofa, and the other factors that go with the project. Reupholstery is an investment that allows you to keep furniture you love best, in their paramount, newest form. It’s a decision you cannot go wrong with, as long as you know what goes behind the task, and how your beautiful new sofa came to be.

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