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Easy Window Treatment Sewing Tutorial

Windows looking a little old and drab? Maybe it’s time for a new window treatment. But don’t let the prospect of sewing one yourself intimidate you. It can be surprisingly easy.

Attractive Window Treatment Ideas for Bay Windows and Window Doors

With the new window selections, it might be time for a new look on your windows. But choosing window treatments can get difficult if you have bay windows or window doors. Read on to find out how to design around these tricky window types.

Easy DIY Drapery Sewing Tutorial

With our new line of window fabrics, you may be tempted to go for a new look with your windows. Luckily, it can be rather easy to sew your own window treatments. Read on for a basic tutorial.

No-Sew Window Treatments

With the new line of window treatment patterns, it may be tempting to give your windows a new look. Luckily, with these no-sew window treatments, it’s easier than ever.