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Project by Sandra

The chair is being reupholstered at present but am sending photos of two other projects done with your fabric. The chair is an “after” picture (didn’t take a before pic…

Living Room Fabric

Picture Perfect: Unify Your Room’s Upholstery Design Style Like A Pro

Picture Perfect: Unify Your Room’s Upholstery Design Style Like A Pro

Retro Upholstery Fabric

Feeling Groovy: ‘70s Retro Rehab For Your Home Interior Design Style

Retro Upholstery Fabric – Vintage Velvets, Velours and Old School Favourites with Modern Appeal

Floral Upholstery

Bye Bye Winter, Hello Spring – Warm Your Home With Floral Print Fabrics

Floral Upholstery Fabric is in full boom. Explore a wide range of prints and patterns.

Cupids Picks: Red Hot Velvet, Taffeta, Silk, And Sateen Fabrics

Valentines Day Upholstery Fabric, Red Velvets, Sateens, Brocades and more…


Out Of Africa: Exotic Animal Prints And Patterns For Your Upholstery

African (animal inspired upholstery fabric) Prints & Patterns | Faux and Genuine Leathers


Cat Scratch Resistant Upholstery Fabric

If you are living with pet cats, one of the concerns you might have in keeping your home looking good is their scratching behavior. Cats naturally have to scratch and “trim” their claws in the process, and while you can buy scratching posts from pet supply stores, there are times when your cat would still love to scratch on other objects such as your upholstery fabric.


Using The Bold Beauty Of African Art Textures In Your Home/Office Décor

Looking ahead to February has us thinking about African American History Month. There’s such rich cultural and artistic history to be celebrated, not the least of which are the colorful and lush textures of African art and design.

upholstery fabric

The Ins and Outs of Upholstery Fabric: All You’ve Ever Wanted to Know

Are you working on your first upholstery project and have questions about upholstery fabric? Here, we answer the most common questions!

KOVI Fabrics

Turn Your Living Room Into A White Winter Wonderland

Whether you’ve settled into a super traditional space with rich leathers and dark hues, a mid-century modern oasis in your corner of suburbia, or a cozy country vibe in the heart of downtown, you can give it a winter wonderland makeover and transport you – and whatever company you’re welcoming – to an enchanted place and time.