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Pillow with trim

How Do You Sew Trim on a Pillow?

To correctly sew trim on a pillow, you should first choose the best and most appropriate trim that is within your sewing skills to add to your pillow. Next, you should pre-shrink the trimmings to ensure it doesn’t shrink when you sew it on. After this, you should carefully pin the trim in place, making sure that you carefully fold box pleats on the corners or cut away excess trim.

How to use Gimp in Upholstery?

With so many different trims available for upholstery and curtaining, gimp is a somewhat surprising phrase for an ornamental section or strip that is used to hide joints and seams. Unlike the unpleasant associations that the word has, gimp is something quite beautiful.

Top Tips for Choosing the Best and Most Appropriate Curtain Trimmings

You’re finally ready to choose curtaining for your new home or you’re revamping your existing home. Having always wanted to invest in quality curtain trimmings, you begin to browse online. There are so many different kinds of trimmings available, and you simply don’t know what to choose, or even how to choose. 

Popular Interior Decorating Styles and How to Use Fabric Trimmings

Poorly chosen curtain and soft furnishing trimmings are simply inappropriate. When you use trimmings in your decor scheme, they should resonate with the style of decorations. Adding plush trimmings to a minimalist style may not be ideal, nor will adding a tight corded braid be appropriate to a Victorian and opulent style. 

Discovering Curtain and Upholstery Trimmings

e wayside. Yet, trimmings can really help you tie the whole design scheme together. Adding a quality tape, rope, or fringe can really make or break a design. 

Curtain and Upholstery Trim: How to Keep Trimmings in Shape and Clean

We’ve all been there. Washed that fancy new curtain you bought only to have the trimmings curl up like yesterday’s pasta, which is still stuck in the pot. Disaster!