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How to Reupholster a Bar Stool the Easy Way

Learn how to reupholster your own bar stool.

Stunning Cool Blues for an Outdoor Space

If you want a relaxing feel for your outdoor living space, try some cool blue shades.

Using Solid Colors in Outdoor Furniture

Desperately want it to be spring already? Maybe it’s time to look forward to getting the outdoor furniture on the patio.

Reupholster rather than buying new: The Benefits

Buying new furniture is an exciting, albeit expensive, step. You get to search for and purchase something that fits your style exactly, and totally refreshes a room. But what about your current furniture? Are you replacing those pieces because they are ancient and falling apart, or do they just not suit your home anymore?

antique wooden theater seats

Reupholstering Theater Seats

Most individuals save thousands of dollars per year by opting to do home repair projects instead of buying replacement items. Amongst these projects might be reupholstering theater seats. The expense…

upholstered piano bench

Reupholstering Piano Benches

Upholstered piano benches that are damaged, worn, or covered in fabric that clashes with your taste of style doesn’t have to remain that way.

upholstered sofa

Reupholstering a Sofa

This guide gives you a short over view of how you can go about re-upholstering your sofa. An easy and affordable way to give your furniture a brand new look!

Blue and White Striped Fabric Chair

Reupholstering a Chair

If the chairs in your dining room have seen better days and are worn, you might be thinking about replacing them. If it’s in your budget and you’re able to…