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Using Red and White Stripes for Holiday Décor

Looking to add some instant holiday cheer to a room? You can never go wrong with a red and white stripe pattern.

Bold Red Plaid for the Holidays

Love the holidays so much that you want your furniture to match your festive décor? Red plaid makes a stunning strategic fabric choice for its holiday colors and year round appeal.

Accents of Red for the Holidays

If you want to add instant holiday cheer to a room, try shots of festive crimson. Crimson fabric accents can add plenty of holiday fun.

Rustic Textures for a Thanksgiving Gathering

Neutral-colored fall setups are all the rage right now. Green and neutral tones can work together to create a stunning Thanksgiving table setting.

Classic Ways to Make Furniture Appear More Festive

With the holidays here, you may be wondering how to make your home more festive. By getting creative with textiles, you can add a whole new holiday feel to furniture.

A Holiday of Colors

Do you have a piece of furniture with a striking color to it? Want to work that shade into the rest of your holiday decorating? Read on to find out how.