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Using Colors to Create Mood in a Room: Green

Looking for a new feel to a room that promotes balance and peace? You can’t go wrong with incorporating soothing tones of green.


Eco-friendly Home Décor: Celebrate Earth Day Everyday

All of us love decorating our homes every now and then, no matter how trivial the change is. However, as environmental damage continues to be a pressing issue even in…

Project Earth

As I was flying across the southwestern United States, I was completely captivated by Earth’s beauty. I was blessed with this opportunity to snap a photo, and share with so many people that may never have the favor of experiencing this overwhelming but simple beauty.


Renewal with the Wood Element

Imagine yourself in this forest that inspired Robert Frost. Look around, and what do you notice? Freshness, growth, new life, and peace can all be found in an environment such as this. The trees have vibrant green leaves, and the earth is rich brown soil. The sun twinkles through the spaces between, and there you can see glimpses of the bright blue sky.

Contextual Creativity to Re-Energize Designs

Have you ever walked through your home admiring all of your beautiful décor, and then realized that you are completely bored with your surroundings.  This scenario is very common, and…

Ultra Durable 1 Collection

These fabrics are all made in America and are exceptional in durability, quality, and in style! All fabrics are rated heavy duty for commercial use. All fabrics in this collection exceed 250,000 Wyzenbeek double rubs.

Microfiber Fabric Collection

Microfiber 1 Collection

KOVI Fabrics is excited to introduce a brand new collection of Microfiber fabrics. These fabrics are exceptional in durability, quality, and in style! All fabrics are made in America,