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tufted microfiber loveseat

Calculating How Much Fabric Required for Reupholster Project

Most times, our existing furniture or pieces we locate at a yard sale may be just as great as a new piece that has a new cover. A cover bought from a store may appear sloppy or out of place, yet reupholstering a piece may make it appear like new.

slipcover for sofa

How to Create Slip Covers for Sofas

Sectional sofas often can appear worn and dated after a couple of years of use, prompting an owner to search for alternate options of fabric. Some might opt to have their sectional sofa reupholstered– an expensive, yet will appear the most professional.

wall panels

7 Steps to Making Padded Wall Panels

Decorating your new apartment or home may leave your walls bare if you’re on a limited budget. You can create padded wall panels in order to make large-scale, inexpensive art.

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Know Your Fabric: A Guide To Upholstery Cleaning Codes

Fabrics are categorized into codes in order to provide information of what they are made of, and what cleaning solution is best used to maintain their shape. The code is usually hidden under the seat or on the platform, or on the tags which are attached to the piece.

Common Upholstery Methods

Take a look while we show the step-by-step of reupholstering a chair, and then you can try it on your very own chair, headboard, or wall.

floral fabric curtain

DIY Fabric Curtain Ideas

Curtains instantly can provide a room personality, style, and privacy. Making curtains will require no complex skills; therefore, it’s a project in the reach of anybody, even somebody who has…

fabric brooch

Quick and Easy DIY Fabric Project

I really love crafts which are fast, easy, and made with things I already have on-hand. The below fabric flower brooches definitely fit the bill! I utilized a bit of…

upholstered sofa

Reupholstering a Sofa

This guide gives you a short over view of how you can go about re-upholstering your sofa. An easy and affordable way to give your furniture a brand new look!


DIY Guide for upholstering a bar stool

Who knew reupholstering a bar stool would be so easy and fun! We hope you enjoy this do-it-your-self tutorial and try it!


Reupholstery Checklist

Four fundamental components develop the durability and comfort of your upholstered furniture: frame, supporting foundation, cushioning as well as fabric.