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The Classic Yet Modern Look of Emmy Rossum’s Apartment

Take a look inside actress Emmy Rossum’s timeless New York City apartment.


Simple Tips for Home Décor: Embroidered Fabrics to Accent your Rooms

You don’t need an extravagant budget to brighten up your home and change its outlook from time to time. There are simple solutions out there that work wonderfully to enhance…

Home Décor Tips for Men

If you are a guy reading this, the word décor might have repulsed you. This is because words like ‘home décor’ and ‘interior design’ usually conjure up images of fashion-savvy…


Home Décor on a Budget

All of us have been to a flea market at one time or another. Spring is here, and these shops will open once again for business in your locality. But…


Home Décor for the Season: Tips to Brighten Up your House this Spring

Updating your home décor and trying out new design is always a pleasant experience. And when better to try out these new ideas than spring time?

Best Home Décor Ideas from KOVI: An Anthology

We like to thank you for following our blog thus far, and as our token of appreciation, we have compiled a list some of the home décor ideas on our website. Enjoy!