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How to Reupholster Your Old Folding Chair

Folding chairs don’t seem like a likely upholstery project. But they’re easy to add fun fabric selections to.

Stunning Cool Blues for an Outdoor Space

If you want a relaxing feel for your outdoor living space, try some cool blue shades.

Using Colors to Create Mood in a Room: Pink

Trying to go for a new look in a room? Start with changing around the color. A good option for soothing, peaceful rooms is pink. Read on to learn how to incorporate pink into a room.

Using Colors to Create Mood in a Room: Brown

When it comes to working with color in a room, brown especially has it’s own unique color associations. Read on to learn how to use this classic color in a design.

Using Colors to Create Mood in a Room: Purple

Usually when we think of purple in a room, we see delicate lilac that’s part of a girl’s princess room. But purple can be so much more. Read on to find out how to incorporate this color into your home.

Using Colors to Create Mood in a Room: Blue

Looking to create a specific mood in an interior design? Then you’ll want to start with color. Here we’ll be looking at using blue in a room.

Combining and Matching Fabrics: Matching Four Fabrics

Want to get a fresh look into a room by adding new upholstery, but like variety? You could choose multiple fabrics using this four-fabric approach.

Live Like a Rock Star: Get Adam Levine’s Distinctive Home Style

If you’d like to feel like you live in a rock star’s pad, here are some décor ideas that would bring Adam Levine’s unique, funky style into your home.

Rich Fall Color Board

Rich earth tones with copper overlays are perfect for fall. As we move closer to autumn, you may want to think about designing your home with the grounded, base colors of the season.

Country Color Board

Today’s color swatches were inspired by some classic country scenes. This pallet would be great for a home with a bright, classic feel. Use it in a country home or a city loft that needs a good dose of high-energy color.