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Taking a Peek into Ryan Murphy’s Beach Home

Take a look inside screenwriter, director and producer Ryan Murphy’s high-art beach home.

The Sophisticated Look of Max Azria’s Home

Get the refined look of fashion designer Max Azria’s $88 million estate.

The Classic Style of Marlene Dietrich’s Villa

Take a look inside the classically styled villa home that used to belong to actress Marlene Dietrich.

A Look Inside Aerin Lauder’s New York City Apartment

See inside this study that boasts the perfect relaxing shades of blue.

The Eclectic Style of Iris Apfel’s Apartment

Here’s a look inside Iris Apfel’s eclectic New York City apartment.

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s Eclectic Home

Want to live like a rock star? Find inspiration in Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s home. It’s an eclectic, artsy style that you’d expect from rock’s power couple.

The Transitional Appeal of Jennifer Lawrence’s Home

For a classic, relaxing style you don’t need to look much further than Jennifer Lawrence’s home for inspiration. Here are some ideas to get you started on this bright, soothing and timeless design.

Ivana Trump’s Moorish Style

This exotic Moorish style is perfect for anyone who wants a flair of culture in their home. Here are a few ideas for adding this exotic style into your home.

Fabric Pattern Feature: Contemporary

Kovi Fabrics has a host of contemporary pattern styles. If you’re looking to fit the contemporary style into a wider décor scheme, read on to find out how to give your home a contemporary flair.

The Pure Culture of Jennifer Aniston’s Home

Architectural Digest got to take a peek into Jennifer Aniston’s gorgeous home. This unique space has more mood than an actual design theme, though the space takes a distinct Eastern turn. Following are a few ideas to get you started on this complex and personal style.