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Cat Scratch Resistant Upholstery Fabric

If you are living with pet cats, one of the concerns you might have in keeping your home looking good is their scratching behavior. Cats naturally have to scratch and “trim” their claws in the process, and while you can buy scratching posts from pet supply stores, there are times when your cat would still love to scratch on other objects such as your upholstery fabric.


Cat-Friendly Microfiber Upholstery Fabric

Cat scratches can look ghastly on your household furniture, but there are times when your feline friend would decide that the new favorite scratching post is your sofa. While cats can be trained to use scratching posts, some are drawn to upholstery fabric because of the “scratchable” texture they present to cats.


Get Pet Friendly with your Upholstery Fabric

Pets are becoming a staple in every household. Everyone loves their “fur babies”, including me. For a household with 2 dogs, 6 cats, and 2 children; I know the challenges of maintaining a lovely home all too well.