Fabric Sample Book

Sample Book

KOVI Fabrics are exceptional in quality, durability and style. But don’t just take our word for it, feel the difference for your self by ordering a sample book today! Our sample book features over 300 of our most popular patterns sorted by collections. Each collection consists of a fold out page with small swatches for color and larger feeler samples for quality. New pages are added as we expand our offering and older less popular patterns are removed. Please see the list of pages currently available below. These pages can also be purchased individually if you like. If you purchase a sample book, you will receive new collection pages for free as they become available. Go ahead, give our fabrics a feel today!

Purchase price will be refunded once minimum yardage sale is met.

Individual pages can also be ordered separately.

Current Sample Book Pages

Ultra Durable 1 Collection
Microfiber 1 Collection
Neutral 1 Collection
Faux Leather 1 Collection
Faux Leather 2 Collection
Faux Leather 3 Collection
Floral 1 Collection
Denim 1 Collection
Chenille 1 Collection
Velvet Plush Collection

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  • Eve - 6 years ago

    Hello, can you please let me know the dimension of each of the sample fabric?

  • DAVE SEEPAUL - 5 years ago

    Can i get the samples above to show to my customers?

  • Richard Wall - 4 years ago

    Need to order samples sent to me. AK4772 and AK 4775