Oh my, home run!!!! Truly beautiful fabric!


Quote by Muriel

I ordered 2 yds of a fabric I saw while trolling for fabric for a sofa. The fabric that caught my eye depicted horses. I have a friend who is nuts about horses. I could see “birthday present.” I could see “pillows.” I crossed my fingers and ordered the fabric: it arrived via FedEx. Oh my, home run!!!! Truly beautiful fabric — maybe a tad too much for a large piece but perfect for throw pillows. I would have had KOVI make them, but decided she’ll love the fabric even more if she decides for herself.
Until I saw that fabric I never would have thought of giving fabric as a birthday present, but this fabric is so perfect and so different. I applaud KOVI for excellent service and selection, and I applaud myself for finding KOVI on internet.


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