Project by Sarah

Last winter I spoke with several staff members at Kovi Fabrics regarding
the sofa in our 5th wheel. The old fabric was ugly and not wearing well. I
could not find a replacement sectional that would fit the space, the
manufacturer only offered it in “pleather” (unacceptable) and custom made
was $$$. So we purchased a HD sewing machine, a pneumatic upholstery
stapler and beautiful gold chenille fabric from Kovi Fabrics. Husband
removed one piece of the sofa at a time and we carefully removed the old
fabric (and a million staples) and used it as a pattern to cut the new
fabric. We did the seat cushions first reusing the foam and the zippers.

We worked on it on most days for a few hours for 2 months (Feb and March)
and by the time for our 1st camping trip in early May we were done and
ready the road!

Not only do we have a beautiful sofa…we also have bragging rights!

Thank you Kovi for asking for before and after pics….its nice to have the
opportunity to show you what we did.

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