Project by Rick

YES….Thank You very much for all your assistance & followup on the fabric samples I had requested and our discussion on matching the color of my steering wheel inserts with matching fabric to use as coordinated accents in other areas of my new truck!!
One of the samples came very close to matching and would work because there would be enough distance between areas that you wouldn’t even notice because of shadows, light, sun, placement, etc!!!
Unfortunately, I was voted down by the other half who wants to stay in the monochromatic theme Ford interior designers had established for the vehicle!!
I feel it needs some pop, but…….
I did like the TAN OSTRICH material though!!! Very, very nice.I used your Black Faux Leather this year to construct my motorcycle seat cover, but I may just use the Tan Ostrich and some matching smooth material for the side panels and do a new seat cover next year!!!
So, SORRY I couldn’t convince someone to spice things up a bit….but there is always another time!!!
Thanks again for all your assistance!!!

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