Project by Ken

 I have attached a “before” and “after” picture that illustrates how we used your fabric. Admittedly, the difference is very subtle. The original fabric is shown on the love seat. We had a seamstress make cushion covers to go over the original fabric for the sofa because after only about a month, we were noticing that our miniature poodle was somehow causing some tiny snags in the fabric of the sofa that could only be felt, but not seen. We love the pattern of the Heartland LLC fabric and I was very happy to find that you carried it. The only difference, if you look very closely, is that the background fabric is dark green on the love seat, whereas your fabric on the sofa has a black background. The pattern of your fabric is actually a bit more vibrant due to the background, or more likely the lot was just dyed slightly differently.

Not sure if this helps your company or not, but I think it is a great solution for helping to protect and preserve upholstery that might not be available in the future, etc.

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