Yellow DIY Pallet Ottoman

If you want to add instant color and personality to a room, a brightly colored ottoman is the way to do it. The yellow ottoman above is actually a DIY project from the blog Domestic Superhero, where she offers a tutorial.

The project has a salvaged pallet as its base. So if you’re in an upcycling mood, this is your project. It’s fairly simple. The pallet is covered with flat wooden pieces for support, foam and batting, in addition to the fabric and buttons. She also put legs on the bottom.

Even if you’re not in the mood to build a pallet from scratch, the fabric itself is great for inspiration. A bright yellow abstract pattern adds cheer to just about any space. Below you can see some similar yellow abstract fabrics to the one in the photo above. The last selection even offers a more understated take. You can also see all of our yellow fabrics here.

Goldenrod Yellow Asian Cotton

Citrine Yellow Contemporary Cotton

Gold and Beige Geometric Abstract Damask

Artistic Large Dot Pattern Damask

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