Using Wool on Modern Chairs

When most people think of wool, it’s usually a fabric that goes with rustic styles. You may imagine wool blankets draped over a sofa in a cabin or rustic wool jackets. But the chair above shows that wool can fit perfectly fine on a modern chair. A brightly colored wool blend can really bring any modern chair alive.

If you’re looking to use wool on a modern chair, you have a few options. You can go with a bright shade, like on the chair above. That will give the chair a fun, artsy look. However, you may have a common modern décor style with a sleek, neutral color scheme. In that case, there are plenty of wool options like a solid grey or medium brown.

Below are several of our new wool blend fabrics that would look great on a modern chair. Or you can browse our new wool selections here.

Green Wool Fabric


Celery Green Wool Fabric


Muted Green Wool Fabric


Brown Wool Fabric


Grey Wool Fabric



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