The Stunning Look of Red Florals

Have an antique chair that needs updating? Textured crimson floral fabrics look stunning on vintage chairs. Also, crimson is a deep color that complements any type of wood. And the classic floral texture lends to the vintage feel. The chairs above display how well classic red florals look.

This look also has a ton of options. A silky, red damask or a lush, swirl brocade are luxurious fabric options that fit onto any chair. A more uncommon option is a vinyl embossed fabric, pictured below. It could give a textured sheen that would look rich and detailed on an accident chair, especially.

If you’d like to try this style, take a look at the selections below. Otherwise, you can see all red floral selections here. Feel free to search by other colors, as well.

Red Damask Cotton Floral


Wine Damask Cotton Floral


Ruby Swirl Brocade


Burgundy Swirl Brocade


Floral Embossed Vinyl




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