Stunning Fabrics and Wood in a Traveling Home

The photo above comes from the inside of a converted bus featured on Instagram. It’s the perfect traveling tiny home. The family actually lives in it full-time.

The textured wood paneling goes a long way in making this space nice and cozy. It gives visual interest while also giving the feel of a more spacious cabin.

The tweed texture gray seating is a cool accent against the warm wood. The rest of the brown-patterned fabrics on the pillows go well with the wood. And some similar fabrics to the pillows would also make wonderful drapery.

Whether you’re decking out your own tiny space, or you’d like this look inside the home, below you can see some fabrics that match the ones from the photo. The slate gray, brown stripes and brown florals would go well together, like in the photo. You can also see our brown floral patterns here, our brown stripes here and our gray fabrics here.

Gray Tweed Upholstery

Large Flowers with Leaf Damask

Brown Floral Faux Silk Drapery and Upholstery

Large Floral and Circle Pattern Upholstery

Wide Stripe Damask Upholstery

Stripe Country Damask Upholstery



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