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School Your Upholstery: The Best Fabrics For Academic Institutions

Academic Institutions / School Upholstery Fabric – Performance Driven and Durable

Velvet Couch

Big Ol’ Softies: Celebrating Velvet, Velour, And Microsuede Upholstery

Today we’re celebrating the resurgence of velvet, velour, and microsuede (aka microfiber). First, we’ll talk about why we love these fabrics and answer some of those common misconceptions. And then we’ll talk about how to use them in your home for a look that’s comfy and chic.

red upholstery fabric

How to Stop Red Upholstery Fabric Dye From Transferring to Clothes

Not all textiles are created equal. Each red upholstery fabric type takes on color or dye differently. Some need to go through a dye process once, while others will require many passes in order to achieve the same vibrant shade. The same goes for the type of dye you use. Natural dyes are more muddled and tend to be less transferable than their manufactured counterparts.

velvet for upholstery

Best Practices When Using Velvet for Upholstery

My granny had a beautiful Victorian lounge suite, which was upholstered in deep royal blue. It was a showcase piece, and we weren’t allowed to sit on it as kids. The velvet upholstery used to make all sorts of patterns when we snuck into the “forbidden” room to jump on the sofas or bounce off the chairs.

fabrics for upholstery

What Are the Most Durable Fabrics for Upholstery?

When it’s time to shop for your next upholstery project, we know how important it is to find fabrics for upholstery that will hold up over time. Whether you have a large family, pets, or simply want a textile that will last a lifetime, we’ve got you covered! 

french linen

How Is French Linen Made?

love the feel of freshly aired French linen in my home. Whether it’s for drapery, curtains, cushions, sheets, or simply a couple of linen shopping bags in my kitchen – linen just adds something special. 

BOHO Interior Design

Bohemian Rhapsody: Your High-End Boho Hippie Chic Interiors How-To

BOHO Interior Design Upholstery Fabric, Get Inspired, Get DIY Shopping

Medical Office Upholstery Fabric

Medical Clinic Upholstery: Germ, Stain, Blood Proof, And Bleachable

Medical and clinical upholstery fabric, faux leather, vinyl and leather

silk bedding

The Surprising Benefits of Silk Bedding

If you want to buy new bed sheets, you should consider silk bedding. Here are the benefits that silk bed sheets can bring.

1920 Hollywood Fabric

Your Home’s Big Break: A Quick 1920s Hollywood Design Style How-To

1920 Hollywood Fabric Upholstery Design