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Viva Al Fresco! Deck Out Your Outdoor Porch Or Patio For The Win

Whether for your restaurant or home, it’s time to dial up your patio or deck game. We know your upholstery is just one part of a space and a vibe….

Shoe Bench

How to Make a Shoe Bench from Scratch

en needed. These benches are also versatile since they come in so many different shapes and sizes! There are many different types of benches that you could make depending on the space available in your home and what type of materials you have at hand.

How to use Gimp in Upholstery?

With so many different trims available for upholstery and curtaining, gimp is a somewhat surprising phrase for an ornamental section or strip that is used to hide joints and seams. Unlike the unpleasant associations that the word has, gimp is something quite beautiful.

Make a Statement with These Geometric Patterns

of the loveliest trends in interior design is geometry. Geometric patterns can be placed in the living room, bathroom, bedroom, and living room. And the easiest way to incorporate these elements in your home is by using fabrics for bedding or upholstery.

What are the Best Fabrics and Textiles for Reupholstering Chairs?

Reupholstering vintage kitchen chairs can be a daunting project. It starts with choosing the right fabric and textile that looks appealing and feels comfortable. With the variety of styles, colors, and patterns to choose from, what is the best fabric for reupholstering your chairs?

Bar Upholstery Fabric

Bar Fly: Abrasion Proof, Spill Proof, and Stain Proof Upholstery

Sometimes you can afford to lean into your inner dainty. Your furniture upholstery can be delicate, elegant, and like something that would be at home in a museum or a refined tearoom with harps gently playing.

Repurpose Couch

Skip The Purchase Pain, Re-Purpose Your Way To New And Green

As the world gradually gets back on track, you’ve probably noticed all that pent-up demand is causing price surges pretty much across all categories of consumer goods. And shipping? Jeesh. Shipping is a mess. Clearly, a demand capacity threshold has been reached — and wildly exceeded. 

Curtain and Upholstery Trim: How to Keep Trimmings in Shape and Clean

We’ve all been there. Washed that fancy new curtain you bought only to have the trimmings curl up like yesterday’s pasta, which is still stuck in the pot. Disaster!

Lobby Lounge Luxury: 4 Hotel Entrances You’ll Check Out & Then Into

When does the vacation begin? It’s not the moment your head hits the pillow in your hotel room or as your feet touch the ground your first morning.  It’s the moment you decide you’re ready for a vacation. 

Nicole Crowder

Interview with Master Upholsterer, Nicole Crowder.

Nicole shares with us her well earned expertise, and wisdom about the world of upholstery.