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Information designed to help customers make informed decisions about purchasing genuine leather.

Bar Upholstery Fabric

Bar Fly: Abrasion Proof, Spill Proof, and Stain Proof Upholstery

Sometimes you can afford to lean into your inner dainty. Your furniture upholstery can be delicate, elegant, and like something that would be at home in a museum or a refined tearoom with harps gently playing.

Genuine Leather Furniture

How to judge the quality of genuine leather hides

Nothing even comes close to the unique beauty of leather. Whether you use leather on your living room couch, home office desk chair or the headboard in your bedroom, it will instantly upgrade the look and feel of your home and increase the value of your furniture. Well-made leather will last a lifetime, becoming more magnificent with age.

genuine leather sofa

Genuine Leather or Faux Leather – Which is the Right Choice for Your Project?

eather and vinyl.  Clients often wonder whether real leather or faux leather is the best choice for their project. The answer is that it depends on a number of factors, including the application, budget and personal preferences.

The Difference Between Chromium and Vegetable Tanned Leather

With the growing desire to use sustainable products that are safe for the environment, manufacturers and consumers alike are taking a closer look at how leather is made and the harmful effects the tanning industry might have on air and water quality. There is much discussion, as well as confusion, about the differences between chromium and vegetable tanned leather, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each.