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Viva Al Fresco! Deck Out Your Outdoor Porch Or Patio For The Win

Whether for your restaurant or home, it’s time to dial up your patio or deck game. We know your upholstery is just one part of a space and a vibe….

Repurpose Couch

Skip The Purchase Pain, Re-Purpose Your Way To New And Green

As the world gradually gets back on track, you’ve probably noticed all that pent-up demand is causing price surges pretty much across all categories of consumer goods. And shipping? Jeesh. Shipping is a mess. Clearly, a demand capacity threshold has been reached — and wildly exceeded. 

Genuine Leather Furniture

How to judge the quality of genuine leather hides

Nothing even comes close to the unique beauty of leather. Whether you use leather on your living room couch, home office desk chair or the headboard in your bedroom, it will instantly upgrade the look and feel of your home and increase the value of your furniture. Well-made leather will last a lifetime, becoming more magnificent with age.

How To Choose A Color And Finish For Your Next Upholstery DIY

Many of us tend to have strong opinions about the color we bring into our homes. We either love a bright pop of color, find ourselves drawn to neutrals, earth tones, pastels, and sometimes even black and white.

Top Tips for Choosing the Best and Most Appropriate Curtain Trimmings

You’re finally ready to choose curtaining for your new home or you’re revamping your existing home. Having always wanted to invest in quality curtain trimmings, you begin to browse online. There are so many different kinds of trimmings available, and you simply don’t know what to choose, or even how to choose. 

Popular Interior Decorating Styles and How to Use Fabric Trimmings

Poorly chosen curtain and soft furnishing trimmings are simply inappropriate. When you use trimmings in your decor scheme, they should resonate with the style of decorations. Adding plush trimmings to a minimalist style may not be ideal, nor will adding a tight corded braid be appropriate to a Victorian and opulent style. 

genuine leather sofa

Genuine Leather or Faux Leather – Which is the Right Choice for Your Project?

eather and vinyl.  Clients often wonder whether real leather or faux leather is the best choice for their project. The answer is that it depends on a number of factors, including the application, budget and personal preferences.

The Difference Between Chromium and Vegetable Tanned Leather

With the growing desire to use sustainable products that are safe for the environment, manufacturers and consumers alike are taking a closer look at how leather is made and the harmful effects the tanning industry might have on air and water quality. There is much discussion, as well as confusion, about the differences between chromium and vegetable tanned leather, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Curtain and Upholstery Trim: How to Keep Trimmings in Shape and Clean

We’ve all been there. Washed that fancy new curtain you bought only to have the trimmings curl up like yesterday’s pasta, which is still stuck in the pot. Disaster!

Lobby Lounge Luxury: 4 Hotel Entrances You’ll Check Out & Then Into

When does the vacation begin? It’s not the moment your head hits the pillow in your hotel room or as your feet touch the ground your first morning.  It’s the moment you decide you’re ready for a vacation.