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upholstery leather

How Much Leather Do I Need to Order?

If you’re ordering upholstery leather, you’ll need to first know how much you should order. Read our in-depth guide to discover more!

Silk Bedding

Slip Your Furniture, Curtains, And Accessories Into Something Silky

When you’ve got an important meeting or date, you don’t just throw on old sweats and a concert T-shirt, you put on clothes that help you look and feel put together, ready to roll or to romance. In fact, you’ve probably gotten really good at just taking care of your top half for virtual meetups. Because you know that’s the power of fabrics and fashion. What you wear matters, it makes a difference. 

Office Furniture Upholstery Fabric

Back To Work: How To Have Your Lobby Design Style Working Overtime

nd hook you up with great upholstery option ideas to help you really pull together the look you’re after. Let’s get your office entryway design style really working overtime for you.

chair backs

Putting Your Back Into It—Saving Chair Backs From Being Boring

Your chairs don’t have to be dull! Here’s how to reupholster your chair backs so they’re as stylish as the rest of the chair.

10 Alternative Uses for Upholstery (Not on Furniture)

Were you upholstering your furniture and have extra fabric? Here are 10 ways to use upholstery fabric — and not on furniture!

old curtains

15 Alternative Uses for Curtains (Not on Windows)

Did you know you can re-use your old curtains? Don’t throw them away! Here are 15 projects to transform second-hand curtains!


School Your Upholstery: The Best Fabrics For Academic Institutions

Academic Institutions / School Upholstery Fabric – Performance Driven and Durable

second-hand upholstered furniture

Everything You Need to Know About Second-Hand Upholstered Furniture

There is nothing quite like the thrill of second-hand furniture shopping. It’s this excitement of discovering treasures that drives people to visit auctions, out-of-the-way second-hand dealers, estate sales, yard sales, and more. 

insect pests

How to Get Rid of Insect Pests in Your Upholstered Furniture

Ever settled down with a good book in your favorite armchair only to feel something wriggle under you? It’s quite an unnerving situation. You may even be reclining on your deep-seat sofa and notice something crawling across the armrest: insect pests. 

upholstered furniture

5 Ways to Take a Funky Sniff Out of Second-Hand Upholstery

ying second-hand or “pre-loved” upholstered furniture can be a really great investment. The price is usually a big winner, and if you’re lucky, you can get some good quality furniture. With an even bigger pot of luck, the furniture item’s upholstery may also be in tip-top shape. At least, until you spend some time sitting on the sofa. That’s when the smell may strike you!