Using Colors to Create Mood in a Room: Purple

Usually when we think of purple in a room, we see delicate lilac that’s part of a girl’s princess room. But purple can be so much more. The photo above from shows how deep purple can add elegance and soul to a room. It’s especially attractive with shades of neutral grey.

From a cultural perspective, purple’s the color that is most associated with spirituality. Yet it also denotes feelings of luxury and quality. It denotes contemplation, meditation and a sense of introversion. Add purple to a room if you want a serene, soulful and luxurious feel. It’s a great color for reading rooms, quiet sitting rooms and bedrooms.

A good place to start with this color is in upholstery. Below are several ideas for adding purple to a room using the new sale items. Or you can find all purple selections here.

Purple Silk  


Purple Asian Embroidery


Amethyst Linen


Violet Faux Animal Hide


Lilac and White Abstract Pattern


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