Looking Terrific with Tweed

Conjuring images of tweed usually draws associations with rough teacher jackets and old rice sacks. It’s not a fabric that usually denotes luxury and class. But the chair above proves otherwise. The tweed fabric sits beautifully on the gilded French chair. And the fact that tweed can sit on vintage, gold French furniture speaks to its class.

The trick to making tweed look more classy than retro or rustic is to find colorful styles. The chair above shows that a deep blue with intermixed colors gives tweed refined class. So the goal is to think beyond the usual muted brown shades that typically define tweed. Contrary to popular belief, tweed-styled fabric comes in all colors.

Below are some of our colorful tweed options. They might just inspire you to think beyond the normal drab tweed styles. You can also browse all tweed selections here.

Blue Stripe Tweed


Dark Blue Tweed


Red Stripe Tweed


Bright Blue Tweed


Bright Purple Tweed


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