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Silk Bedding

Slip Your Furniture, Curtains, And Accessories Into Something Silky

When you’ve got an important meeting or date, you don’t just throw on old sweats and a concert T-shirt, you put on clothes that help you look and feel put together, ready to roll or to romance. In fact, you’ve probably gotten really good at just taking care of your top half for virtual meetups. Because you know that’s the power of fabrics and fashion. What you wear matters, it makes a difference. 

old curtains

15 Alternative Uses for Curtains (Not on Windows)

Did you know you can re-use your old curtains? Don’t throw them away! Here are 15 projects to transform second-hand curtains!

how to measure curtains

How to Measure Curtains From Upholstery

Do you want to make some stylish curtains DIY? You can do this with upholstery fabric! But first, you should know how to measure curtains.

bedroom curtains

Bedroom Curtains: Curtaining for a Small Room

Are you wondering how to decorate a small bedroom? Start with bedroom curtains! here’s how curtains can make your small room look better.

ribbon trim

Customize Your Curtains With Ribbon Trim

Do you love ribbon trim? If so, ribbon looks amazing on curtains. Here’s how to attach ribbon to curtains.

Update Your Curtains With Great Trim

Are you stuck with curtains that look blah? Great trim will make any curtains look more appealing. Click here to discover more!

curtain fabric

2 Easy No-Sew Curtains

Nothing adds to the style of a room like a fresh pair of curtains. But sometimes the premade curtains don’t have the exact pattern or look you’re going for. That’s when it’s time to make your own custom curtains out of some fabric.

Office Furniture Upholstery Fabric

Back To Work: How To Have Your Lobby Design Style Working Overtime

nd hook you up with great upholstery option ideas to help you really pull together the look you’re after. Let’s get your office entryway design style really working overtime for you.

velvet for upholstery

Best Practices When Using Velvet for Upholstery

My granny had a beautiful Victorian lounge suite, which was upholstered in deep royal blue. It was a showcase piece, and we weren’t allowed to sit on it as kids. The velvet upholstery used to make all sorts of patterns when we snuck into the “forbidden” room to jump on the sofas or bounce off the chairs.

french linen

How Is French Linen Made?

love the feel of freshly aired French linen in my home. Whether it’s for drapery, curtains, cushions, sheets, or simply a couple of linen shopping bags in my kitchen – linen just adds something special.