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upholstery shop

Your Own Upholstery Shop and Tools of the Trade

Are you starting your own upholstery shop? If so, it’s important to know the upholstery tools you’ll need.


Head Banger: How To Bang Out Your Own DIY Upholstered Headboard

Headboard upholstery fabric – DIY design ideas

upholstery padding

Upholstery Padding: What to Use for Your Preferences

The upholstery padding you choose is more important than you think. Click here for the different types and uses of padding for upholstery.

difficult fabrics

Dealing With Difficult Fabrics

Are you working with difficult fabrics in your current upholstery project? Here’s how to deal with these burdensome fabrics.

upholstery leather

How Much Leather Do I Need to Order?

If you’re ordering upholstery leather, you’ll need to first know how much you should order. Read our in-depth guide to discover more!

Silk Bedding

Slip Your Furniture, Curtains, And Accessories Into Something Silky

When you’ve got an important meeting or date, you don’t just throw on old sweats and a concert T-shirt, you put on clothes that help you look and feel put together, ready to roll or to romance. In fact, you’ve probably gotten really good at just taking care of your top half for virtual meetups. Because you know that’s the power of fabrics and fashion. What you wear matters, it makes a difference. 

Office Furniture Upholstery Fabric

Back To Work: How To Have Your Lobby Design Style Working Overtime

nd hook you up with great upholstery option ideas to help you really pull together the look you’re after. Let’s get your office entryway design style really working overtime for you.

Project by Rachel

I ended up recovering some counter stools with this fabric and they are FABULOUS!

chair backs

Putting Your Back Into It—Saving Chair Backs From Being Boring

Your chairs don’t have to be dull! Here’s how to reupholster your chair backs so they’re as stylish as the rest of the chair.

10 Alternative Uses for Upholstery (Not on Furniture)

Were you upholstering your furniture and have extra fabric? Here are 10 ways to use upholstery fabric — and not on furniture!