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red upholstery fabric

The History of Red Upholstery Fabric

Red is a popular furniture and fabric color. But did you know the color red has an amazing history? Learn more about red upholstery fabric!

french linen

What Is French Linen?

If you’re looking for new fabric, you should consider French linen. But what is French linen? And why is it a good fabric?

gray upholstery fabric

6+ Gray Upholstery Fabric Shades to Consider

There are so many shades of gray to choose for your furniture upholstery. Here’s your guide to gray upholstery fabric!

outdoor slipcovers

Which Fabrics for Outdoor Slipcovers Are Waterproof?

Are you adding outdoor slipcovers to protect your furniture? If so, you should know which materials are waterproof.

Coffee Shop Upholstery Fabric

Coffeehouse Chic: Perk Up Your Upholstery With A Quick Pick Me Up

Coffee Shop Upholstery fabric, faux leather and leather.

pink upholstery fabric

How to Add Pink Upholstery Fabric to Your Space

Do you want to add pink to your decor but don’t want your space looking like a Barbie house? Here’s how to use pink upholstery fabric!

chenille fabric

What Is Chenille Fabric?

Chenille fabric is an excellent option for variouss upholstery projects. But what is chenille fabric? Here’s your guide!

upholstery fabric

How to Pick the Perfect Upholstery Fabric

There are many factors to consider when buying upholstery fabric. Here, we will tell you how to pick the best fabric.

gray upholstery fabric

18 Ways to Style an Upholstered Gray Couch

Is your gray couch boring? Gray upholstery fabric doesn’t have to be lame when you can style a gray couch in 18 ways!

blue upholstery fabric

10 Reasons to Use Blue Upholstery Fabric

If you’re looking for new upholstery fabric, you should consider adding blue to your home! Here are 10 reasons to use blue upholstery fabric.