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spring floral fabric

Modern Spring Floral Textiles

Do you want to design with floral fabric, but don’t want your home looking old? We’re offering some modern Spring floral fabric inspiration!

furniture reupholstery

Upholstery Projects To Tackle This Spring

Spring is the perfect time to work on furniture reupholstery! Here are some of our favorite Spring upholstery projects!

how to reupholster camper cushions

How to Reupholster Camper Cushions: Our No-Sew Method

Are your camper cushions degrading? If you don’t know how to reupholster camper cushions, read our no-sew tutorial.

how to measure curtains

How to Measure Curtains From Upholstery

Do you want to make some stylish curtains DIY? You can do this with upholstery fabric! But first, you should know how to measure curtains.

furniture cover

How to Measure a Furniture Cover

If you’re making a furniture cover, you need the correct measurements. Do you know how to measure one? If not, click here to read our guide!

drapery panels

How to Make Super Easy No-Sew Drapery Panels

Drapery panels can be expensive! Fortunately, it’s easy to make drapery panels with this no-sew tutorial. Click here to learn more!

how to make a no-sew pillow

How to Make No-Sew Pillows for Beginners

Do you want to create a pillow but hate sewing? Click here to learn how to make a no-sew pillow! This guide is easy enough for beginners.

diy throw pillows

16 DIY Throw Pillows That Anyone Can Make

Do you want beautiful and comfy pillows but are on a budget? Try making these 16 DIY throw pillows! They’re easy enough for everyone.

how to make a tablecloth

How to Make a Tablecloth: Your Ultimate Guide

A tablecloth will make your dining room look complete. Fortunately, you don’t need to buy one. Here’s how to make a tablecloth!

fabric projects

15 No-Sew Fabric Projects That Anyone Can Make

Do you want to work with fabric but don’t know how to sew? These 15 fabric projects are easy and don’t require sewing!