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yards of fabric

Calculating Yards of Fabric: Kovi Fabric’s Yardage Guide

If you’re not sure how to calculate yards of fabric, shopping for fabric can be daunting. We created this guide to help you out!

Gong Hei Fat Choy 2022! Celebrating Chinese Inspired Design

February 1st is just around the corner and this year that means it’s time to celebrate Chinese New Year. Whether you’re planning to usher in the year of the Tiger…

Advances in Leather Technology

The leather industry is going through immense changes to make better products that don’t cause as much environmental damage. Here’s what to know!

Project by Julie

A bench storage unit beautifully redone with KOVI fabrics.

We had acquired a Hayward-Wakefield dining table and four chairs and sought to find a high quality fabric with a design we liked. KOVI had it and shipped it to us much quicker than we anticipated.


outdoor slipcovers

Why Outdoor Slipcovers for Lawn Chairs Are Important

If you love sitting in your lawn chair, you may want to consider outdoor slipcovers. Here’s why they’re important.

slipcovered sofa

The 10 Best Fabrics for a Slipcovered Sofa

Adding a slipcover is a great way to reinvent your couch! Here are the 10 best fabrics for a slipcovered sofa.

interior design trends in 2022

We Predict the Interior Design Trends in 2022

Do you plan on redesigning your home this year? Here are the interior design trends in 2022! You may be shocked about what’s trending.

sofa trends

2022 Sofa Trends for Your Upholstery Project

A new couch is the best way to change up your space! Here are the 2022 sofa trends to keep up with the times.

uses of fabric

The Best Uses of Fabric for Bedroom Interior Design

If you’re redesigning your bedroom, the fabric you choose will make a difference. Here are the various uses of fabric in the bedroom!