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Project by Laura

I’m very pleased with the fabric and, fingers crossed, the cat hasn’t attacked it yet.

Making Waves Against Water And Wear With Marine Upholstery Fabrics

You may have noticed a theme at most marinas: plain ol’ vanilla or sea blue canvas for boat covers and various shades of vinyl for seats and other marine upholstery. Being out on the water is no vanilla experience so why should the upholstery be?

We have Southwestern decor. We really like the pattern. Thank you!



Pet-Friendly Fabrics: Fur Resistant And Antimicrobial Strong

Whether you’re buying new furniture for your home, helping someone design their space, or reupholstering your existing sofa or chairs, it’s important to factor in your furry friends. They are uniquely loveable but they carry unique challenges from a home furnishing standpoint.

We're really happy with how they turned out.


Love Kovi Fabrics! There fabric selections are everything you could possibly need for any project. There Customer Service Team are quick to respond to any questions you may have, very helpful with suggestions and friendly as well as very professional.