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Making Your Own Sofa Slipcover: A Diy Primer

Slipcovers save lives. Ok, they don’t actually save lives. They do, however, save furniture from being kicked to the curb.

Project by Dave

The battery Ryobi stapler is my new friend. Now I can have a post pandemic party.

My uphosterer recommended KOVI Fabrics… My uphosterer recommended KOVI Fabrics and I am so glad that he did! Their selection is incredible. The website is super easy to use. The help is fantastic all the way through the process AND the fabric is excellent. I will use them again and tell all of my friends. They kniocked it way out of the park.

Jeanette Geron

This company has excellent customer service and excellent shipping. I ordered samples which were a nice size and very reasonably a priced. As soon as I decided on the color, I placed my order by phone with Tony on Tuesday and received the order on Saturday. I couldn’t have been more pleased with this company.


Project by Gerald

Classic striped chair look.

Project by Monica

Love the fabric ! Good quality an easy to work with.

Project by Dao

Beautiful bench upholstery with KOVI Fabrics.

Project by Raelene

This bench was made by father-in-law while he was visiting us from Singapore. The fabric I ordered was to make a cushion for this cherished piece of furniture. I love the way it turned out. Thank you for the fabulous fabric!

Project by Jeanette

Wing chairs look great!

Ordered 7 yards of fabric and they did not have enough in stock, after ordering another one I changed my mind and called to exchange it before the fabric was sent, but it had already shipped. After talking to two other employees and not getting the results I needed I got in contact with Dirk Anthony and he handled the whole transaction of picking up the fabric from the order, taking my order for the final fabric and made things a loot simpler. I now have my new fabric, thanks to his excellent help and I am a very satisfied customer!

Cary Wells