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Rustic Textures for a Thanksgiving Gathering

Neutral-colored fall setups are all the rage right now. Green and neutral tones can work together to create a stunning Thanksgiving table setting.

How to Combine Colorful Bird Upholstery with Vintage Patterns

Home upholstery projects can be truly interesting when they combine wildly different patterns that you’d never place together. You’d never think to combine a vintage pattern with a colorful bird pattern, for instance. Yet it just works.

Holiday Decor Video by KOVI Fabrics

Introducing the first in our series of decor inspired videos! With the holidays just around the corner, we hope you enjoy these few deco tips!

The Elegant Look of Velvet and Metallics

When looking at how to redo a chair, adding a metallic paint might be the last thing on your mind. Yet it’s an unconventional addition that looks stunning.

Combining Black/White Patterns and Brights

A bold black and white pattern looks like it belongs with a bright neon shade. The elegance of the black and white pattern is juxtaposed against the loud, bright fabric.

Get a Seasonal Boost with Orange Fabrics

Love to decorate for fall the way other people love to decorate for Christmas or birthday parties? Then you might want to consider orange fabrics. An orange chair works well with easy fall decor.

I love KOVI Fabrics. Over the years, I have done several projects all over my home with KOVI fabrics. They are beautiful in appearance, quality and .durability.


Project by Alithia

Awesome use of animal prints by a happy customer!

Using Fabrics in Fall Table Settings

Want a way to introduce some fall-like fabric textures without having to reupholster a whole chair? Fabrics work great as part of a fall table setting.