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Using Colors to Create Mood in a Room: Gray

If you’re looking to create a new mood in a room through color, gray can be an often-overlooked tool at your disposal. Read on to learn how to incorporate this color into any room.

The Stunning Look of Red Florals

Have an antique chair that needs updating? Textured crimson floral fabrics look stunning on vintage chairs.

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Redoing a Vintage Chair with Animal Prints

If you’d like a unique look, redoing a vintage chair in an animal print is the way to go. An animal print gives a slightly sassy modern look, which juxtaposes vintage styles.

Using Wool on Modern Chairs

When most people think of wool, it’s usually a fabric that goes with rustic styles. But wool can fit perfectly fine on a modern chair.

A Cozy and Rustic Wool Chair

One of the trends taking Pinterest by storm is using wool blankets to reupholster chairs. It makes perfect sense. Wool has a sturdy texture that’s a great addition to any chair.


Project by Patrick

Check out this custom piece made by Patric using KOVI Fabrics. It turned out amazing!

Project by Sandra

Check out this amazing transformation that Sandra did using KOVI Fabrics with her nice lounge chair and sofa.

Beautiful Metallics

Metallic furniture is a stunning addition to just about any décor style. It has the pizzazz for artsy styles, as well as the elegance for classy styles. And it fits right into a retro look.

Colorful Designs with Watercolor Fabric

Watercolor painting is usually associated with a kid’s craft project. Yet there’s still a timelessness to these designs. So naturally they make great fabric patterns.