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Getting Color and Culture with Southwest Fabrics

Colorful American Southwest fabrics work great as accents. Read on to learn how to work with colorful Southwest styles.

The Versatile Look of Black and White Abstract Prints

Black and white is always a classic color combination for a room’s design. A fabric pattern with a predominantly black background and white accents makes a piece with visual depth and sophistication.

Using Deeply Pigmented Silk with Dark Wood

A silk pattern in a deep pigment truly goes with a dark wood. There’s a classic feeling of elegance.

Getting an Artsy Look with Abstract Flower Patterns

Working with abstract patterns is a great way to bring a sense of modern, artistic fun into a home. Abstract floral patterns are wonderfully versatile additions to furniture. Read on to learn how to work with them.

Updating a Chair with Solid Pink Upholstery

If you’re looking to upholster just parts of an ornamented retro chair, pink is your color. From a dusty pink to a more neon shade, pink is a versatile color that works well in updating an old chair.

Combining Stripes and Solids

Stripes are a great addition to any room, since they’re versatile enough to create different styles based on how you combine colors. Read on to learn how to work with stripes.

Using Colors to Create Mood in a Room: White

Looking to create a certain simple, clean and sophisticated feel in a room? You can’t go wrong with introducing white elements. Read on to learn how to incorporate white into a room in a variety of ways.

Getting Classy with a Gray and White Color Scheme

Looking for a modern style that screams elegance? Then you’ll want to combine white and gray into a color scheme.

Perfect in Plaid

Plaid is a classic pattern that goes great in rustic décor styles. And yet, plaid doesn’t have to be just for rustic or country styles. The beauty of plaid is just how versatile it is.