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Using Colors to Create Mood in a Room: Beige / Tan

Looking to add a classic color to a room that goes with anything? Adding shades of tan might just be your answer.

Create a Fun Space with Bright Patterns

Looking for a fun, new take on a space? Then you’ll want to look into using bright, abstract patterns.

Going Natural With Deep Green Upholstery

Using deep green in an upholstery choice gives a sense of soothing warmth and natural tranquility. Read on to learn how to apply this shade.

Pretty, Pretty Polka Dots

When many people think of polka dots, they picture a wild rainbow pattern like you’d find on a clown suit. But understated polka dots can add some instant sophistication to a room.

Using Colors to Create Mood in a Room: Teal / Aqua

Even though they are close in nature to blue, aqua and teal contain their own set of design associations. Read on to learn how to use these distinctive shades in a room design.

A Dose of Color with Yellow Floral Patterns

Bold colors can really work together to make a distinctive style. And little else is more bold than the bright hues of yellow florals.

Using Colors to Create Mood in a Room: Gold

Looking to add some extra brilliance to a room? You may want to add hues of gold. Read on to learn more about how to incorporate this color into any room.

Mix and Match Floral Chair

Turns out you don’t have to commit to just one fabric. A huge trend is to find a large-scale pattern, like a colorful floral pattern, and mix it with matching solid patterns in a cushion.

Moroccan Accent Fabrics

Want to add a little culture and class to your living space? Then you may want to play around with Moroccan patterns.

Getting the Versatile Look of Dark Blue Upholstery

Dark blue is a sleek, basic color that can go with anything. Read on to learn more about incorporating this shade.