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Smart Tips on How to Remove Upholstery Stains

Accidents happen everywhere, even on your most precious furniture. Kids can clumsily spill their drinks, bits of food may get stuck on the fabric, and dirt and dust will accumulate on the material over time. It’s important for every furniture owner to learn how to tackle these issues and remove upholstery stains with confidence.

Common Upholstery Methods

Take a look while we show the step-by-step of reupholstering a chair, and then you can try it on your very own chair, headboard, or wall.

Easy to use. Good quality. I ordered 3 yards and came on one roll. Very efficient. Would recommend.


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DIY Fabric Curtain Ideas

Curtains instantly can provide a room personality, style, and privacy. Making curtains will require no complex skills; therefore, it’s a project in the reach of anybody, even somebody who has…

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Quick and Easy DIY Fabric Project

I really love crafts which are fast, easy, and made with things I already have on-hand. The below fabric flower brooches definitely fit the bill! I utilized a bit of…

Absolutely beautiful pewter leather brought new life to life to my bar stools. Excellent quality!!!


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How to Reupholster a Car Seat

While it always is suggested to call on the pros for expert automotive upholstery services and car care, it’s possible to choose convenient and cheap methods of doing the duty on your own. Reupholstering a car seat isn’t a challenging job as you arm yourself with the proper tools and knowledge.

Do-It-Yourself Pillows: Round Cushions

While making plain, square or rectangular shaped do-it-yourself pillows may seem like a small job, putting together a round cushion may extend your efforts for a bit. This oddly shaped…

Easy Tips for Do-It-Yourself Pillows

Making do-it-yourself pillows is a fun project to do. The task is basically easy and it will surely enhance any needler’s hands. In return, you can create sofa accents and slipcovers of your choice, whenever you want, however you want it.

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Reupholstering a Sofa

This guide gives you a short over view of how you can go about re-upholstering your sofa. An easy and affordable way to give your furniture a brand new look!