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My dining room chairs have never looked better.



DIY Guide for upholstering a bar stool

Who knew reupholstering a bar stool would be so easy and fun! We hope you enjoy this do-it-your-self tutorial and try it!

The fabric is beautiful and high quality...just as I had hoped!


Planning For Your Restaurant’s Interior: Restaurant Upholstery Fabric

Choosing furniture for your home allows you to maximize your creative liberty. Each room can offer a setting different from the other, letting you enjoy your private spaces while reflecting…

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A Rainbow of Fabric Color Selection

Do not make a color choice without reading this guide first! You would be surprised what all meaning colors can have!


Reupholstery Checklist

Four fundamental components develop the durability and comfort of your upholstered furniture: frame, supporting foundation, cushioning as well as fabric.

I should have my re-upholstered sofa in 2 weeks. I am so happy to have found Kovi AND the exact same fabric as the original.



Things you need to Know Before you Reupholster

Know upholstery fabric options and take them into account before purchasing expensive fabric for reupholstering.

I was pleased at how quickly my order was filled and that it arrived several days before expected!


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Your Favorite Patterns, All In KOVI’s Fabric Collection (Part 2)

We have talked about amazing patterns on the first part of KOVI’s fabric collection post, but we’re giving you more. Check out the rest of the patterns below and you…