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Project Earth

As I was flying across the southwestern United States, I was completely captivated by Earth’s beauty. I was blessed with this opportunity to snap a photo, and share with so many people that may never have the favor of experiencing this overwhelming but simple beauty.

I can't wait to see all the samples I picked. This made it so much easier to pick the perfect fabric for my home!



The Emotional Element of Fire

Heat, passion, touch, desire, burn, climax, and 50 shades of everything is the element of fire. The fire element is the element of emotional connection. Much like the electricity that you feel when you experience immediate connection with another soul; the fire element can cultivate warmth within your personal relationship when you enhance your home with fire.


Renewal with the Wood Element

Imagine yourself in this forest that inspired Robert Frost. Look around, and what do you notice? Freshness, growth, new life, and peace can all be found in an environment such as this. The trees have vibrant green leaves, and the earth is rich brown soil. The sun twinkles through the spaces between, and there you can see glimpses of the bright blue sky.

Beginning the Feng Shui cycle with Water

When balancing the chi in the home, a great place to start is with the Controlling Cycle of Feng Shui. This cycle is when the elements govern and control each other. Wood consumes Earth; Earth dams Water; Water extinguishes Fire; Fire melts Metal; and Metal cuts Wood.

Thank you for responding to my concerns. I think you set a new standard for customer service for by responding so quickly and on December 25th!


Experience Vinyl like never before

Twice a year Kovi Fabrics adds over 300 new fabrics to our inventory. The featured fabric in the latest collection is vinyl.

New Year, New Beginning with Feng Shui

With the beginning of a new year, many people are searching for opportunities to have a fresh start. We will focus this blog for a few weeks on the renewal of our habitats through the use of Feng Shui.