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The Power of Blues and Browns

Read on to learn how to work with blues and browns in a room.

Combining Leather with Other Textures

If you love the natural look of leather, don’t feel like you’re restricted to just one texture. Leather looks stunning with multiple textures.

Get a Boho Look with Dark Brown Leather

Looking for a funky, boho, rustic and eclectic look? Read on to learn how to get a rustic boho look with leather.

Working with Green Leather

If you want a unique look for a piece of furniture, you can’t go wrong with green leather. It’s a great look for a naturalistic style, since it adds more of a green outdoorsy color.

Reclaimed Wood and Leather: A Match Made in Heaven

Looking for a hint of rustic, country appeal in a décor style? Distressed leather and reclaimed wood go together perfectly.

A Stunning Red Leather Sofa Gives Class

Nothing’s quite as comforting and classy as a deep red sofa. It’s truly a rich addition to a style that speaks of sophistication.

Working with Blue Leather

When it comes to leather, it’s easy to picture warm brown or sleek black leather. But leather comes in all sorts of colors. And a deep, rich blue shade looks great in leather.