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Live Like a Rock Star: Get Adam Levine’s Distinctive Home Style

If you’d like to feel like you live in a rock star’s pad, here are some décor ideas that would bring Adam Levine’s unique, funky style into your home.

The Classic Style of Julianne Moore’s Living Room

Looking for an eclectic and classic feel for your home? You’ll love the inspiring home of actress Julianne Moore. The woman knows how to combine both high-end pieces and thrift items alike into a cohesive look.

The Inspiring Home of a Famous Fashion Designer

Harper’s BAZAAR took a look inside the colorful home of Veronica Swanson Beard and found a vivid statement style. Here are some inspiring ideas for adding bold color and contrast to any home.

Style Inspiration from Calvin Klein’s Beach Home

Calvin Klein’s $16 million beach home is a model for minimalist and natural design themes. Here are some decorating ideas to get Klein’s beach home look.

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Bright Red-Eyed Frog Color Board

This gorgeous color board does a wonderful job of capturing the color pallet unique to some of the most colorful creatures around: the Red-Eyed Tree Frog. It’d be a great theme in a child’s bedroom or in a fun, artsy home.

A Soothing Northern Lights Color Board

Sometimes nature inspires the most amazing color pallets around. Such is the case with this gorgeous photo of the wintery northern lights. Here are some ideas for incorporating the beauty of northern lights colors into any room.

Rich Fall Color Board

Rich earth tones with copper overlays are perfect for fall. As we move closer to autumn, you may want to think about designing your home with the grounded, base colors of the season.

Fall Fabric Color Board

2015 Fall Fabric Trends

Fall is on its way, and this is the perfect time to refresh your home with new fall fabric and prints. Runway fashion shows throughout the year have been spotlighting fall 2015 trends, and many of the themes would translate beautifully into home furniture and decor. Take tips from the biggest names in fashion and create a modern-but-cozy feel for fall in your home.

Country Color Board

Today’s color swatches were inspired by some classic country scenes. This pallet would be great for a home with a bright, classic feel. Use it in a country home or a city loft that needs a good dose of high-energy color.